Monday, June 9, 2008

Angsty Poetry

Every time I try to write poetry, it ends up full of middle-school angst (maybe that's why I write YA fiction...) . Here's one attempt I came across while cleaning up my computer. I don't remember when I wrote it, but it was definitely post-college even though it sounds pre-highschool. I had a lot of fun playing with the line breaks, though.

Sleeping with shoes

Look at me, I’m
I live in molecular purgatory.
I see you, laughing. I want to join
In the fun, but I can’t
Breathe color into my veins.
I kick and scream. I grab your arm. I plead
For you to notice and come and
Take me away.
But you don’t. Look at me, I’m
I delve deep into shadowed places where only
Dust bunnies live. I hide under
The bed. I sleep with the shoes
In my closet.
I watch and pray. I hold my breath. I wait
For you to notice and come and
Take me away.
But you don’t. Look at me, I’m
But I will change that. I will
Tattoo your name on my transparent flesh. I will
Recreate my atomic structure. I will laugh too
Loud, cry too little, and hope that someday
You’ll finally take notice and come and
Take me away.
But you won’t look at me.
I’m invisible.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Narnian at the Con

As I wrote last month, I sewed a costume for the Chronicles of Narnia Premiere. The movie was great, but I was one of only two people at the theatre who dressed up. I felt a little out of place, even though it was fun -- especially when Susan came out in my outfit.

After the movie, I didn't think I would have any more reasons to wear my Susan costume before Halloween, but last weekend, my Tri Mu buddies and I went to Con Carolinas - the local sci-fi/fantasy conference. In the midst of Klingons, Storm Troopers, Pirates, and various cloaked medieval-types I looked pretty normal dressed as a Narnian. It was a blast, wandering among nerds of all shapes, sizes, ages, and obsessions.

My friend Vikki, wore my dryad costume from the first Narnia movie. She looked beautiful and got a ton of complements because she was actually unique among the all the uniqueness. There were plenty of knights and renaissance dresses, but no other dryads.